Try, Try, and Try Again

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

So many things happened behind the scenes of these photos:

1) I had to buy a new camera cause of environmentally induced damaging (f*cking wind) and while I made sure that the Sony Alpha a6000 had an app to remote trigger the photo, it didn't occur to me to check how long I'd have to pose. Every camera I've ever owned has had a 10 sec self-timer, but guess what? With the Sony? 2 SECONDS. Also, it's much harder to see before you trigger the timer what the camera is focused on so... fun times.

2) This is iteration two of this outfit, mostly due to the fact that I took a bunch of photos in outfit one, hated myself, went back home and tried again because I bought this sweater for myself last year as a birthday gift, and I am determined to figure out how to style it on my frame.

Sweater: All Saints (Size Large, Old, My Pick From This Season) ~ Jeans: Urban Outfitters (Size 32) ~ Belt: Nordstrom Rack ~ Shoes: Coach (Size 9, Poshmark) ~ Purse: Aldo (On Sale!) ~ Sunglasses: LOFT (Still on Sale!) ~ Necklaces: Missoma (One and Two)

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