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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

It's funny how at this point I almost fee like writing a "fit post" for The Frankie Shop. Every time I'm in NY I like to swing by and try on some of their wares, because despite the "one size" label that so many of their pieces have, they can end up fitting pretty perfectly. This green corduroy shirt fulfills a few different wants I had, in a way that's much more versatile than a blazer (which is the other corduroy piece I was toying around with buying).

I'm still working on creating a wardrobe I'm 100% happy with, but I feel like maybe I'm coming around more and more to The Anna Edit's version of a capsule - not a particular number, but a determination to only have pieces that I love, and moving out-of-season items to a different spot in my closet (and not because I don't have space, but because it's distracting to have them cluttering things up).

Jacket: Nordstrom (Size XL) ~ Undershirt: Eddie Bauer (Size Large) ~ Shirt: The Frankie Shop (One Size) ~ Jeans: Lucky Brand (Size 14/32, Old) ~ Sneakers: Converse ~ Purse: Gifted, Vintage ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade (Old) ~ Necklaces: Missoma (One and Two)

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