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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I'm not tying to be a party pooper here, but WOW do I feel like I have nothing to say here. You know those social media "experts" that lecture you to find what makes you unique and showcase that? I've felt for a while, years really, that I have no idea what that is when it comes to me and this blog, but right now when the world is literally and figuratively on fire, I find it extra hard to remember why I do this.

I don't feel like writing paragraphs on Instagram and maybe that does make me appear aloof or mysterious, but it's more that I just prefer to keep my inner angst and battles private, and let those with stronger and more relevant voices speak more.

So instead here are the second set of sunflower photos from last month, that involved me getting half naked in a field in Maryland while my friend Tanya kept an eye out for other photographers hahaha. Oh and these pants from Zara? I'm actually super sad I bought them near the end of the season, cause even though they were on sale I love them and wish I could have grabbed the other color. I'm officially at that point in life where avoiding swamp ass is more important than "flattering"....

Top: Marine Layer (Size XL) ~ Pants: Zara (Size XL) ~ Hat: J.Crew (Old) ~ Sandals: Target (Size 9, Old) ~ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (Old)

Pictures by Seen in Passing and DJ MiGGL

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