The Makeup Show DC: Haul

Monday, August 19, 2019

Well, here we are.

The haul.

I'm not going to lie to you, this is probably not the most thorough of hauls that you've seen me share, but that's mostly because with 99% of this I haven't really touched what I bought. Some of it was purchased for personal use, but some of it I was overcome by memories of the time I seriously contemplated doing makeup for realsies, and are products I would consider more "kit" choices than anything.

I will say though that due the show discounts, the final tally wasn't quite as bad as you'd think. Someone beside me at the Danessa Myricks booth "two of those and two of those"-d herself into a little over $360.....which to be honest made me feel better. I *tried* to be deliberate and strategic with what I was purchasing and why, and I think hearing industry folks talk about the differences between professional grade and what is sold to the consumer via third parties, did help me feel confident  in that decision.

I have to spend some more time playing with everything, obviously, but I'm really excited to do so, which is a happy feeling that I don't think I've truly felt in a while.

One of the first artists and brands I was introduced to at the show was B3. As a product type, I find oils in particular are ones I enjoy a lot from "indie" brands - I think it's something about how passionate people are about them, and the number of different ways they can be incorporated into skincare and makeup application.

Next up was Twinmedix, where I had some very interesting conversations about masks and the introduction of CBD into skincare products. I went the boring route of an oxygen mask and one of those exfoliators that "peels off your skin" ala Cure gel.

Is anyone shocked I spent more than I expected at Crown Brush? No? Good. Cause some of the oldest brushes in my collection are from Crown and it's even more exciting to see and touch in person.

Right to Left:
518, 500, 499, 530, 427, 517 (x2), 511 (x2), 310

On the actual complexion coverage front I had a hard time picking between a few different brands, including Kryolan. Graftobian and RCMA were also there, and while all three brands have cream makeup with varying percentages of pigment, I went with Kryolan for a few reasons:

1) Mini Palette at a good price point ($39.95 on the website)
2) Full size refills are at a good price point ($11.50 on the website)
3) 24 month shelf life
4) Admittedly them showcasing a waterproof powder that literally sits on top of water in a beacon that is also what Cirque du Soleil uses for their underwater shows was pretty damn impressive.

Right to Left:

Next up was Kett Cosmetics (via Muse Beauty Pro), because when Kevin James Bennett said the powder was translucent and not transparent my eyes perked right up. I grabbed the loose and pressed cause... well mostly because they were very well priced at the show and I could.

Kett Set Powder - Pressed and Loose

And clearly after the way I talked about her incredible seminar at the show, no one is surprised to see a few Danessa Myricks Beauty products? This was probably the brand at which I had to be the most circumspect because I wanted ALL THE THINGS. But I also knew that I was never going to use all the things so I stuck to a liquid highlighter, a glitter that looks wet and is amazing, and a clear topper because between her and Katie Jane Hughes I got major looks to try.

And last but not least, even though I told myself I had no business getting another eyeshadow palette, I caved and got the Jordan Liberty palette with Stilazzi (via Friends Beauty Supply). It was one of those things I wanted to get from the beginning to support him, and then seeing his work and the swatches in person I caved. Sigh. I also picked up the eyeliner brush that he said was his favorite for brow work.

And that's it! You've now all see my dirty little secrets and where my money went over the weekend. Is there anything in particular y'all want to see up close and personal? Let me know!

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