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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

I know this is a bit of a departure from my usual, but I have to share a secret with y'all. I am having a moment with jeans, and it's not a particularly positive one. It's a very bad season to decide that jeans are too binding and yet... I'm trying to compensate by adding pants (I also don't want to wear skirts/dresses cause tights) but as I'm sure is shocking to no one, that's also difficult. I've got a couple pairs from Meeps and recently a couple from Uniqlo (to be seen later), but it continues to be a work in progress. Especially cause it's cold and I'm cold and even in the below outfit I kind of wish I'd included a scarf. Dammit.

Cardigan: The Frankie Shop (O/S, Old, Same in Oatmeal) ~ Sweater: Uniqlo (Size Large, Old, This Season) ~ Pants: Meep's Vintage (Mens Size 36) ~ Loafers: Sam Edelman (Size 9) ~ Purse: Last Call NM (Old)  ~ Necklace: Missoma ~ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (Old)

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