MAC Starring You - Spellbinder Shadow in "Stairs to the Stars"

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Really, I blame Instagram for this. When MAC released this collection in the UK they invited almost everyone I follow to this ridiculous celestial themed dinner and so when I was in Nordstrom (for a RETURN) I felt compelled to wander by the counter. And then I got sucked in cause apparently I'm getting into the whole glitter thing more as I get older and these Spellbinder Shadows are lovely. Lovelier than how they swatch even, which I guess isn't totally surprising.

"Stairs to the Stars" is a deep burgundy shadow with gold glitter. All my playing with it so far has been using my fingers, though seeing it demonstrated on the MAC website makes me think that a wet brush would also work well. It's actually inspired me to go find new/more tutorials on smokey eyes because I want to really let this shine on the lid and I fall back so much on neutrals to blow out the crease when I think this will play against reds/oranges better.

I didn't trust myself to play too much with the other colors - I have a sizeable powder eyeshadow/pigment collection already and I've proven that like highlighters this will be a problematic category for me -  but I love the formula. Super smooth and practically no fallout, which considering how much glitter is in the final result is impressive.

Tell me - did you get anything from the MAC holiday collection? We'll suffer in our poor self-control skills together!
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