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Shirt & Skirt: J.Crew ~ Bag: Urban Outfitters ~ Tights: Hue ~ Shoes: Payless

I was feeling a little down about Winter, longing for the Spring brights I kept seeing on other style blogs, but my friend Jessy made it better :). She came over and convinced me that a purple skirt is totally appropriate for Winter (at least paired with tights) and since that woman knows how to rock an outfit I feel like this must be ok.  Plus she never gives me grief when we put an outfit together that makes me look like I've been hit by the J.Crew stick.

Oh and if you were wondering about this skirt it's J.Crew's class No. 2 Pencil Skirt and I can't say I love it. It's very boxy and likes to slide down lower on my hips - plus it's not lined so when I wore it with tights it was also riding up. I love the color enough that I'm probably just going to get it taken in but if you're a hippy girl like me I don't think this will be your perfect pencil skirt (even if it does come in a million colors & fabrics).

vday rewind


Jacket: Don Collection ~ Dress: ECI new york (via Nordstrom Rack) ~ Necklace: Eastern Market ~ Tights: Hue ~ Shoes: Gift

In the words of Rachel Zoe, this jacket is everything. I love it to pieces and even if I only have the occasion to pull it out once or twice a year, each of those moments are sure to be fantastic. This dress was a magical find last month at Nordstrom Rack (along with $121 shoes I bought for $18) and it perfectly combines comfy with edgy (hello pleather panel!). It comes in a lovely nude that didn't quite jive with my skin tone but if you have an extra $40 hanging around from your taxes I'd say go check it out!

my own personal DIY

Apparently I have been unconsciously taking in some of the DIY spirit I've been seeing in the blog world lately because over the long weekend I put in custom shelves!

For a while now I've been trying to figure out a way to reorganize my closet that doesn't leave me feeling so claustrophobic about the space.  I have a walk in closet for goodness sake, I should feel like I have room!

In to this walks my friend Natasha who unbeknownst to me has magic organizational powers. She suggested a few different routes to change things up and the first thing was to move my shoe rack. It was a blah plastic rack I'd gotten for free that instead of hanging over my door I nailed to my wall (sexy). Now that space is going to be reclaimed for bags but before that could happen I had to move the shoes!

It was a bit of a process (and stupid Lowes was a pain in the ass let me tell you) but after some elbow grease I finally got everything up!

(Note to self: Don't use your forehead to hold shelves in place while you drill. That hurts.)

The space next to my bathroom door was so little that I couldn't buy any pre-made shelves - nothing comes in 10" by 15" - so I just picked up a 1" x 10" x 12' piece of lumber at Home Depot and had them cut it. Ten minutes later I had 9 shelves and the appropriate 'L'-brackets to make sure they hung on my wall. 

(Lowes did recommend these expensive dry wall screw thingys that I probably should have gone with because admittedly this damaged the heck out of the wall but hey - that's what patching before you move out is for.)

The final result? SHOE GLORY!

This isn't the whole shoe collection, most of the boots couldn't fit here and I didn't even bother with my flats, but now my foyer area is much less crowded and the whole closet feels so much bigger! Yay!

lace & pearls

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Shirt: J.Crew ~ Tank: Express ~ Jeans: The Limited ~ Boots: Nine West ~ Pearls: Forever 21 ~ Cameo Necklace: Eastern Market 

I don't usually layer tanks but after some help from a friend I have to say this looks pretty spiffy! Plus I can't wait to tuck this whole top half into a skirt :).

P.S. - What do we think of the new image size? Good? Too big? Let a girl know!

does anyone else wish for pockets?

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I'm not sure how successfully I'm working this owl sweatshirt in my wardrobe. My coworker told me this outfit looked fine but....something. Something is not quite right. I'm not getting rid of it though so I guess I'll just keep trying!

 Jacket: American Eagle ~ Shirt: Express ~ Sweatshirt: Dorothy Perkins ~ Pants: Banana Republic

And the title up top there is true in that I really wish this jacket had pockets. It's pretty spiffy in all other ways (especially since I got it 40% off) but pockets? That would push it over the top into perfect.

I want ALL the things

I feel like the moment I tell myself I can't buy anything is when everything good and wonderful in the world pops up for sale. Not on sale mind you, but for sale. And I'm a sucker every time. GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS!

Forever 21

Etsy Shop: sandee royalty

Etsy Shop: Dig For Victory

I MUST HAVE THAT SUNSET SORBET DRESS. Is eating really important? I mean REALLY? Because I'm pretty sure having that dress in time to wear it for all of Spring and Summer might be more important. Who wants to feed me this Spring so I can justify the price? Oh and I didn't forget - 

Eat a brownie for me ok?

wth DC

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During that really random week where it was 70* one day and snowed another, this was one of the outfits I picked trying to be seasonally appropriate. I guess I pulled it off but seriously - bare legs in January? Crazypants.

Trench: Jones New York ~ Dress: Just Taylor ~ Belt: Hong Kong ~ Shoes: Me Too

pink & leopard

After a year or so of ownership I find myself unsure about this skirt. I had to size up so my hips weren't strangled every time I sat down and now it's too big in the waist. I'm thinking about getting it taken in - and maybe making it more of a pencil skirt shape instead of straight - but since it's lined I'm thinking it might be cost prohibitive. I guess we'll see!

Blazer: H&M ~ Top: Old Navy ~ Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Necklace: Forever21 ~ Belt: Torrid ~ Tights: Hue ~ Shoes: Nine West

P.S. - Please excuse the lack of subtlety in the title of this post - I'm just not feeling very creative at the moment!

Buy & Try: Dillard's

So after falling in love with the lace of the Nordstrom dress I decided some further Googling was in order. The color was a little too bridal on me and the price - while not expensive for a bridesmaid dress - could be lower without me complaining, lol.

Thanks to Google's shopping search I happened upon Dillard's, where pretty much every Adrianna Papell dress was significantly cheaper. And in different colors!

Nice right?! The one shoulder was a surprise, because normally I don't like how they look on me. I wouldn't say it's appropriate for the wedding, too dark, but the 'buff' color of the second dress is spot on! (I'll be stalking the grey for later though - $60 or less and it's coming home!)

I went ahead and took some pictures this weekend but I think the color suffered in the shadow - it looks much cooler than the warm brown-y mauve that you see above. Either way I'm happy, so happy, to be done looking and the bride's approval. And what I learned? Never underestimate the internet! Sometimes you'll find the perfect thing without too much work at all :D.

 (Belt & Shoes are *examples* not what I'll actually be wearing)

who wants to save 50%?!

Ready for a February treat? Print out the coupon below for 50% one item at Lou Lou Boutiques! Just write 'JESSY' in the blank provided - only one day to use it though, Thursday February 7th!

Me? I think a new necklace has my name written all over it :). Some items I've worn on the blog:

One / Two / Three / Four

And guess what - it's just in time for Valentine's Day!

UPDATE: You can use this coupon on ANYTHING! Branded items too! Looking for a new pair of Ray Bans or a cute Hobo wallet? Now is the time people!

topsy turvy

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I stalked this sweater ok? Stalked. I loved it in the J.Crew catalog but there was not enough rabbit hair in the world to make it worth the original price. Ditto for sale price really, but 50% off sale? SOLD!

Sweater: J.Crew ~ Shirt & Jeans: The Limited ~ Boots: Nine West ~ Bag: Georgetown Leather Design

It's cold ok?

This outfit is totally necessary. Though the vest might be finding a new home.

Vest: Marshall's ~ Shirt & Boots: J.Crew (find boots here) ~ Jeans: The Limited