The 80's never ended - especially with bands like The Legwarmers around to remind you

Monday, May 24, 2010

I decided to take it easy this weekend, both on my body and on my wallet, and only went out-out once. I haven't gone salsa dancing in forever and I feel like when you have the chance to go with your friends - including the old roommate who's going to Japan for the summer - it's a good deal to take advantage of it.

What almost topped Friday night though was going to hang out with some friends as they decided on the most appropriate outfits for their 80's band outing. It was an 80's cover band outing in fact, which means that every ridiculously bad (but fun to sing along to) song was going to make an appearance. But once my friends saw some pictures of the audience in full costume that was it - there was no going back. My roommate ending up making her own tutu, one girl was in a romper, and of course there were lots of sequins and legwarmers. I was lucky enough to do the makeup for the night, and boy was that a lesson for me! I don't usually do such bright colors first of all, and then 80's makeup is different for me in general just because the combination of colors with the thick eyeliner is just unexpected. Hahaha, I'll have to put some pictures up later but here a list of the colors I used that night: hot pink, teal, dark purple, light purple, sky blue, navy blue, orange, and yellow. I do have to admit that I took it a little easy on the liner and did a more flattering winged look that wasn't completely accurate to the time period, but I couldn't help it! That would have just been a LOT for those girls no matter what the occasion was. Either way I had a blast doing it, they enjoyed the end result, and I got a lot of practice on different skin tones and eye shapes. Positives all around! Don't forget to stay tuned for pictures!

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