80's Reborn (kinda)

Monday, May 24, 2010

As promised, here is a look at all of the wonderful women who let me do their makeup Saturday night. The evening was generally 80's themed, but eventually it turned into more of a - 'Let's do fun colors! With lots of eyeliner!'

(Jessy had the most classic 80's punk rock look with teal/blue on the lid up to the crease, hot pink from the crease to the brow, and finally black liner winged out at the corner)

(Rachel wanted to incorporate the purple she started the evening with and liked the hot pink I did on Jessy, so first I made her purple PURPLE using a combination of a dark purple cream base with a couple different purple shadows. To incorporate the hot pink I decided to go for the slightly ridiculous and give her hot pink liner along her bottom lid that came out to meet the black liner at the outer corner of her eye.)

(Emma said whatever and since I brought my most outrageous colors I used yellow on the inner corners of her eyes and then added two different orange shadows on the rest of her lid - a matte orange underneath and then a shimmery burnt orange on top of that.)

(I liked the idea of doing something a bit softer but still very bright on Christina, so I reached for my blues and did a concentrated light/sky blue on the center of her lid and then added a darker navy blue to the inner and outer corners.)

And after some careful photo tweaking to add in that 'vintage' look, lol, you get....


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