Do I need a sign? I think I need a sign.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The perils of internet dating have been discussed at length on many different blogs. I think the random rants that sometimes take place here can be viewed as just another addendum to everything that's already been said. Thus I hesitate to add more fuel to the fire but right at this moment I feel very strongly that I need a sign, one that floats right above my head and says:

'I might be nice but I'm not gullible. Don't get your hopes up because, A) I'm not inviting you into my house ANY time soon and B) If you're in a relationship - I don't care how 'open' it is - I'm not going to have anything to do with you'

I'm kind of surprised that these rules need to be laid out for people. Does no one understand the euphemism of 'Southern girl at heart'? I'm old-fashioned online people! I'm not going to be moving quickly in any avenue of my personal life - don't expect it! If I didn't know you previous to any online romantic overtures, I'm not letting you into my house anytime soon. Also, while I respect your and your significant other's choice to have an open relationship, I want no part of it.

While in the beginning unnamed stages of dating you're more than welcome to see other people. But once you've moved beyond that into an actual 'relationship'? You're taken. I don't care what you're telling me - you're taken. And trying to explain to me how you and see incorporate the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy doesn't make it any better; it just translates into the reality that everything you're saying to me could be complete and total bullshit and I don't have any way of knowing.

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The Krimson Venom said...

I think you and I should have a discussion on why online dating is crap. That is a legitiamte reason right there but as a guy, I have plenty more

Dana said... might have some reasons of your own but I'm going to be hard pressed to be believe that online dating is worse for guys

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