Wondergirls in DC!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I know it shows my ridiculous nature, but I am so excited that the Wondergirls are coming to DC June 4th. It never seems like the Asian artists that I enjoy make it to DC - they always seem to think that New York is the epitome of East Coast nightlife. I'm glad that at least the Wondergirls have learned differently, but their arrival makes me consider a few things:

1) If I would still want to see them if they sing most of their material in English (I like the original Korean better)

2) If I'm prepared to not eat in return for allowing myself to go to this concert when I should be saving for Dragon*Con


3) Is it really necessary for Ticketmaster to gouge me just for the privilege of selling me concert tickets?!?! I couldn't believe it - Wondergirl tickets are only $35, but the 'convenience charge'? $12.37! That's almost half again the price of the ticket! Maybe it's just that I haven't purchased anything through Ticketmaster in a while, but this is such a racket. Well I guess it could also be a sign of the times because when I went to the Warner Theatre's website to see if I could buy the tickets straight from the box office, the website told me that there was a $5 charge for buying it at the door! Is there no way I can just pay for the price of the ticket and not for bullshit fees? SMH.

I'll keep you updated on whether this concert actually happens for me or not, but until then enjoy the sweet sounds of a couple of my favorite songs -

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