Fall Fun Part I - Apple picking!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So apparently I'm having one of the most awesome Fall seasons this year because last Saturday I went apple picking! And there might, just might, have been some beets and pumpkins....

 Google it, it's somewhere in the depths of Maryland about an hour from DC. Even at that distance it's totally worth the drive because this farm is BEAUTIFUL!! On the way there we saw movie perfect Fall foliage. 

"How to Pick Apples" - because apparently none of us college edumacated women can reach up and pluck them from the trees?

 My friend Christine and I walking to find the perfect places to pick Granny Smith and Stayman apples.

I told you there would be beets didn't I?! I think I'm way too proud of this picture but whatever - BEETS!

 End of the day at the pumpkin patch, a little sweaty and tired but filled with that 'I've been fake-ass working in the sun'-spirit.

Stick around for more pictures of the pumpkin itself in 
Part II of Fall Fun!!

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