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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am totally will to admit that I'm a brow fanatic. I'm very, very, VERY, picky about who does my brows. It's only been through a lot of trial and error that I finally have someone I love here in DC. I'm just of the opinion that how can you NOT care how your brows look? They frame your entire face! No matter how you fill them in or shape them, if you've gotten them whacked off by some hack it's going to look unfortunate.

My brows live by the 'less is more' policy. I don't do a lot to them and what I do do does not happen often. On an everyday basis on this blog what you will see are my threaded brows. No more, no less. About every month or so (it varies) I go see Rana at Eurospa Morgana and with almost no instruction I lay back and let her do her stuff. I met Rana for the first time mostly by accident because I was at Eurospa for a haircut. While we were waiting though we got to talking and I got to know her, her personality, and her own opinions about the importance of brows - and those are big parts of what I take into account when choosing an eyebrow lady. 

Also let me be clear on one thing, I do not by-the-books have my eyebrows done every month. Instead I like to give the hair time to grow back. I'm not saying I don't do some maintenance pluck along the way, but I like to give them a chance to kind of do their stuff; I don't want them threaded or waxed into nothingness. I can't say that I have any kind of scientific proof for this, but it's just my little mantra: If I let them grow now they won't stop growing later.

In the end, I think if I were to counsel anyone on their own brows there are 3 things I'd say:

1) Less is more
2) Your brows are sisters, not twins
3) If you're going to fill them in make sure you're choosing the right product and the right color

#2 is the hard one for me, because my own OCD would LOVE for my eyebrows to be twins. The reality is they're different. They're different and that's ok - on me and on every other person who has natural brows. I think it gives the face a more 'real' look, lol. Or at least that's what I tell myself whenever I have an attack of the 'WHY CAN'T YOU BE THE SAME' crazies. 

P.S. - The only real product I've ever used on my brows is this basic Maybelline Brow Gel. It's essentially clear mascara and if you're like me and have hair that likes to move around a bit, then I recommend you try it because it does a great job. (I think I also saw a Boots No. 7 product that's similar to this the last time I was at Target, but I'm not positive)

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