Fitting Room Review: Anthropologie

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Omg I stepped into a store! And tried on clothes! And took pictures! Shock and awe.

Ponte Bell Skirt, $128 (Sz M/L)
Checking online this skirt comes in a variety of colors but I don't think any of them would fix the fit problems. I understand it's meant to be high waisted, I like it that way in fact, but why is the waistband so long? For the skirt to actually poof nicely over my hips the top has to be all up under the boob area and it ends up looking very awkward.

 Merida Pencil Skirt, $168 (Sz 12)
Cute but the size 12 was a bit too tight for my liking. I'd also never spend this much on a skirt so lets hope it sticks around long enough in a size 14 once it's on sale!

Marigold Swing Coat, $148 (Sz 12)
I actually was surprised by how much I liked this coat. I don't traditionally dig the swing coat fit but I liked the 3/4 length sleeve with the boxier shape. Would I buy it at this price? No, sorry, out of the budget, but it's another one to check back up on later!

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