What to Wear: polka dots

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Polka dots! It's a pattern I love which is all over my closet so it was actually kind of hard to pick just one piece for Gypsy in Jasper's 'What to Wear' theme. Still I think this outfit is pretty nicely 'me' what with the skirt and bright colors. Gypsy's link up post should go live tomorrow (Thurs) so check back here to find out what the other participants wore!

Edit: And here's the post! Enjoy all the polka dotty goodness :).

Jacket: Old Navy ~ Top: Gap ~ Skirt: eShakti (also worn here) ~ Shoes: Tahari

I've also just done some backtracking and I think this lovely logo is care of Little Lady Little City - so cute!

Michelle said...

Great look! Polka dots are a wardrobe staple for me. I love that green skirt, too. The volume is awesome!

Dana said...

@Michelle - Thanks so much! I have to admit to a *little* bit of cheating though because the big volume on the right is due to a well timed breeze. Still love the skirt though!

Lexi said...

Glad to see a new face join in the What to Wear link up! super adorable outfit, I love the skirt =}

Dana said...

@Lexi - Thanks! I love the idea of themed outfits just using what I already own :).

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana,

Thanks so much for joining in with What to Wear. I'm so happy to have you... especially because this outfit is out of this world. I love the shape of that skirt and that just happens to be my favourite shade of green. Gorgeous!

Hope to see you two weeks from now for what to wear to the movies.

Dana said...

@Nicole -

Thanks for being open to more people joining! I love everyone's looks (and if DC keeps this heat wave up I'm going to need the inspiration)!

lisa said...

So awesome to see you join in What to Wear- I love this look. Amazing skirt. I haven't ordered from there yet but believe me, I've been tempted many a times :) I'm the same way- too many polka dotted options in my closet!

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