Geek of the Week #18

Friday, October 25, 2013

It's time for a ~*SPOOKY*~ Halloween Edition of Geek of the Week!

1. My Drunk Kitchen is a fantastic YouTube show (in case you didn't know) where Hannah Hart hangs out with friends, gets drunk, and cooks various dishes without using any utensils that could actually hurt anyone, lol. She has a couple Halloween episodes though that totally take the cake:

2. I love the fact that Halloween is a 'do what speaks to you' holiday when it comes to fashion, but this skirt is something I'd wear in months other than just October!

3. Nail art has become more of thing to me lately, in fact my polish collection is officially larger than my best friend's, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do to commemorate the holiday. Here are a couple looks to get you inspired, one easy and one totally out of this world (though with the help of a stamping plate perhaps not impossible, lol).

(a friend shared this with me on Facebook & I can't find the origin - sorry!)

4. I rarely buy costumes in full online any more, mostly because I'm cheap, but Lesley over at xoJane has an excellent collection of the most mind numbingly ridiculous in her article "An Incomplete Compendium Of Horrors: 12 “Sexy” Halloween Costumes For Things That Probably Shouldn’t Be Sexy". Two of my faves? "Sriracha" & "Sexy Rick Grimes" (who thinks of these things?!).

5. To finish up this 'frightening' Halloween post I thought I'd end with the most terrifying of all creatures: PUGS! 

Laura said...

OMG I love the pugs. They crack me up! I wish I had one, cutest dogs alive!

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