and then there was the mini dress

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Let me tell you about when you shouldn't wear a 100% polyester dress. You should not wear a 100% polyester dress during a holiday weekend that causes a major road to close so that instead of taking an Uber all the way to your destination, you're forced to walk.

Dress: ASOS* (Size 12) ~ Shoes: Converse (Size 39, old) ~ Purse: Neiman Marcus Last Call (old-ish) ~ Earrings: World Market ~ Necklaces: Kate Spade & World Market

Pictures by @whitetowelsonly, who braved the heat with me.

*Fit Note: First, the size 12 in this dress is fitted if I'm being generous, tight if I'm not. That does allow me to wear it without a bra, but it also means I have to pull some type of contortionist sh*t to get the back zipper all the way up. Also, it's 100% polyester, which honestly I might be pulling an Emma Hill on because I almost died taking these pictures, and that does make a summer mini dress a bit harder to rationalize, lol.

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