Reformation Brand Review Part II: Valero Jacket

Friday, May 25, 2018

Welcome back for Part II of my Reformation haul/review! I admit that to call my review of two pieces a "haul" is a bit generous, but I am not made of money ok?! This blazer was a bit of an accident anyway, because even though I'd been looking for a summer boyfriend blazer, I just didn't expect the Reformation one to fit me well.

But oh how it does.

I've worn this constantly since accepting I was going to keep it, hahaha, and it's been a wonderful topper for summer outfits once I've gone inside to the land of A.C. It's lined in a nude fabric so no matter which piece I put it over there's no peaking through of patterns/colors. But there's just something about the way it hangs that makes it spectacular. It's the perfect relaxed but tailored fit, so not only do I not regret keeping it, I'll probably be saving up for an appropriate Fall/Winter version.

And just in case you were wondering, a couple fit notes:

-the sleeves are a bit wide for me, so folding and scrunching them up is pretty essential in my opinion, but I'll play with it and report back
-the size large fits everywhere BUT the hips - I'm not the person who's interested in buttoning a boyfriend blazer anyway, but if it matters to you and you're close to my size, it's not an option with this piece

Blazer: Reformation (size Large) ~ Top: Eileen Fisher (size Medium, old) ~ Pants: H&M (size 14) ~ Shoes: & Other Stories (size 39) ~ Purse: Coach (thrifted) ~ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (old)  ~ Necklaces: World Market & Kate Spade ~ Watch: Ebay (old, similar)

And surprise, but I have a couple sh*tty bonus shots to share! This outfit is just one of the many I've tried throwing the blazer over, and while it was too hot to shoot them all on Sunday, here are some of the phone snaps I've sent to friends:

Part of the reason I feel like this blazer is such a good buy is because of how versatile it is, and I hope I can show you more up close - and better quality - examples soon!

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