March/April Clothing Recap

Friday, May 11, 2018

Just a little late, but let's hear it for the March/April recap! Things went a bit better this time, due to a combination of personal fortitude and the fact that I just didn't like the majority of things I tried on. I think that's the best part about the short shopping bans - even when I shop the question becomes "is this worth breaking a goal?" and it makes me more critical/aware of what I really want.

After chatting with a friend I decided to give myself space for adding in staple clothing items that I need. The Marine Layer tees that I bought are part of my everyday/work & weekend wardrobe, and before, when I only had 2 t-shirts that required washing every time I wore them, it was very frustrating.

Now the H&M pants weren't a staple I was looking for, so I own up to the fact that buying them was technically a no-no, but they are the BEST high waisted pants, I don't have to wear shapewear, and I love them. So... no regrets.

1. Cashmere Sweater (Lord & Taylor)
2. High-Waisted Button Front Jeans (Madewell)
3. White Utility Jumpsuit (Madewell)
4. Striped Button Down (H&M, similar but with side buttons)
5. Via Spiga Mules (Nordstrom Rack)
6. Studded Sandals (& Other Stories)
7. Sam Edelman Bay Sandals (Amazon)
* 8. High-Waisted Khaki Pants (H&M)
* 9. Marine Layer Tees (old, this season's)

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