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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brainstormed by my friend Tanya, I'm going to add a Q&A element to my blog here. If anyone out there has a specific question that's makeup/skin care/curly hair related and wants to ask me, then I'll try my best to answer.

Answers might come in the form of specific recommendations, thoughts, or links to other posts/gurus who know more than I do, but each one should be at least a little helpful. I haven't tried everything - there's no way I could manage that - but I do READ and WATCH quite a bit, which means I usually know something about an item (or know where to find out). Plus I think doing Q&A like this helps everyone, because sometimes you don't even realize you have a question until it's already been answered.

For the inaugural post in the series I'm bringing in a recent Facebook conversation I had regarding concealers....

Q: I'm a bit dissatisfied w/ my current under eye concealer (MAC). It starts to look dry after a few hours. Anyone have any recommendations on a brand that works well w/ a mid to fair skin tone? I only need the under eye cover up not a foundation. Thanks!!

A: I've heard great things about Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer - it's $30, but available from Sephora so if you wanted to ask for a sample to try that's a good one. It comes in a tube and you apply it with your fingers.

I switch between MAC Studio Finish Concealer (in a small pot) and e.l.f.'s Studio Concealer. The e.l.f. one is $3 but only available online. Still I really like the texture, it's easy to blend, and I don't have any problems with it drying it out. The MAC I apply with a brush and blend out with my fingers, and the e.l.f. comes in a tube and I swipe it on, but again blend with my fingers. I recommend them both because they're nice and long lasting.

Both Sephora and MAC will do trials/samples so don't let them pressure you into buying what you don't like! Go out into the sun, wear it for the day - see what you think! Also both will allow returns within 30 days (I think), meaning don't feel stuck if you buy something and then change your mind.

I also want to make sure that you're moisturizing your under eye area well. That skin is really delicate and if I'm not careful it can dry out and no matter what concealer I use I'll get flakies. I use a moisturizer specifically formulated to be extra soothing and fight wrinkles, and whenever I get the feeling my under eyes are not looking so hot I use it before I go to bed and before I put on makeup the next day.

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