The Importance of Mascara

Monday, August 30, 2010

We're going to make a deal ok? I'm going to post way too big a picture of my eyes so you can see my mascara and no one's going to comment about how my eyebrows are looking a little bushy. I'm getting them threaded tomorrow, but right now it still means they're not exactly looking their best. It does happen! Sometimes I let things slide, especially plucking my eyebrows because it freaking hurts- I don't care what anyone says about 'getting used to it'.
Moving on....

Contrary to popular opinion, my eyelashes are not the most amazing thing ever. They could be longer, they could be thicker, they could do a lot of things really but I try not to ask for more than what's realistically possible. It's highly unlikely that I'll ever be someone who reaches for Latisse; not only is it too expensive I find that with the right mascara and the right technique, my lashes can look pretty damn good. Here's the proof:

I'm not wearing anything fancy here (in face I was feeling really lazy) so all we have on my eyes is the Maybelline Gel Liner in eggplant and a bit of brown eyeshadow smudged under the bottom lash line. As you can see, my right eye has noticeably longer and thicker eyelashes, while on the left they get drowned out by the liner.
And the best part about? I'm using mascara you can get for >$6 a piece at Target. I'm using my usual combo of Rimmel mascaras that you've seen listed in my last bunch of posts. Not Diorshow, not YSL - drugstore mascaras. In fact I bought them B1G1 free at CVS and used a $1 off coupon at the same time so at that point I got the two mascaras for about $3 a piece. Beautiful.

I'm not saying that expensive mascaras don't have their place. I'm trying to decide right now if I care enough to try the YSL just because I've seen some amazing results over on DSK's personal blog. What I'm trying to point out is that people have lots of choices out there, but if you're going to bother to do your makeup I wouldn't really call mascara one of them. In my opinion it finishes off every look, and even on your 'au naturale' days, a bit of mascara and lipgloss can take you very very far.

Here's the completed face, with mascara on both eyes:

I've started to finalize my Dragon*Con looks and I can't to start posting pictures/video of them when the time comes! Glitter and liner and lashes, OH MY!

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