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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ahh my weekend. I would have to say it was one of the most random and fun I've had in a long while. I spent too much money on food, fashion and the aforementioned fun, but I think in the end even if I have to spend the next two weeks living on PB&J and ramen it'll still be worth it. I'm thinking about doing a post/video on the clothes I bought, because I do think I picked up some really cute pieces, but right now I'm just going to focus on the makeup.

I bought some things at CVS's Beauty 360 store in Dupont (I'm going to do a whole post about this place later) and Rite Aid. I'm still working through using all the products so I can't for sure but I think it's going to be positive all around. The Cargo palette I swathed in store, we'll see if the new one lives up to the tester and the Laura Geller primer I bought for the hell of it, because I'm willing to put down $11.50 to see if I really like something (the foundation sampler was also from Beauty 360). The gel liner and lip shimmer are from Rite Aid - I don't know about the liner though it's a pretty color, and I can tell you right now the shimmer is a LOT more pigmented than I expected. I tried it on while I was riding the metro back to DC and I was like 'DAMN.' I had to pat in it and smooth some of it off just so it wouldn't end up looking garish, which is not something I expected to have to do with a Wet n Wild product. I'm a little iffy about whether the particular shade will ultimately turn out to work for me, but I'm happy to give it a try to find out!

Cargo Color Palette in Barcelona
Laura Geller Spackle: Under Makeup Primer
Maybelline Eyestudio gel liner in Eggplant
Wet n Wild Natural Blend Lip Shimmer in 106 Spice
Masquerade Foundation Act V (sample)

(Your eyes are not deceiving you, the mirror in my Cargo palette is JACKED. I haven't decided if I care enough to return it and get a new one.)

(starting from the left and going around clockwise: 1) Laura Geller Primer 2) Maybelline gel liner 3) Masquerade foundation sample)

I don't have any swatches, those were not coming out at all in my apartment last night, but as soon as I get some time in the daylight I'll put them up in another post!

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