LOTD: Look of the Day (8/31)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think you can safely say that the worst has happened. I'm starting to think that people out there in internet land care how I dress.

Those snowflakes should start falling in hell anytime now.

Still, to continue with this newest mode of self-delusion, here's the outfit I wore last Saturday to brunch (which was actually around lunch time, but we had breakfast so it totally counts) in DC.

The dress is from Forever21 (from their faith21 plus size section which seems to do a better job of fitting real live people), the earrings are from LouLou in Dupont and the sandals I bought in Athens a few years go. I know objectively when looking at this outfit that it would look better with heels, but it was so freaking hot and I didn't know how much walking around I was going to be doing. So unfortunately the world had to deal with looking at my slightly chipped pedicure. I'm sure there are worst things. Drowning puppies, broken limbs, etc. - you get the idea I'm sure.
The Krimson Venom said...

My my, aren't we a fine, young specimen

Dana said...

Why yes, we are.

RDT said...

Great look!! I likes muchly.

Now please, stop smacking away all the paparazzi and cover your face when you walk out of your house door with the large fans blowing in your direction making your hair blow in the wind, diva-style.

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