FOTD (8/27)

Friday, August 27, 2010

So after much food and movie greatness I accosted my friend Jessica and made her let me slap some makeup (somewhat haphazardly) over half her face. I was trying to kind of follow through with a look I'd tried on me that I'd seen a guru do on YouTube. There's all this additional work that should have been done with fake eyelashes on the top and bottom, rhinestones down her cheek, and a pouty red lip but that was a lot of work for 10pm.

I'm not going to do a full product list, mostly because I'm not ecstatic with how it turned out, but the base was MAC's cream color base in bronze which I sealed with some MAC gold and orange eyeshadow. The black and brown on the lid was NYX and Tarte respectively, and I finished off her lashes with a bit of Rimmel mascara.

Luckily even though I don't LOVE the result I do have some thoughts on how I could tweak it to make it better, which I think is a sign that I'm embracing the more avant garde looks (at least when I do them on my friends). I'm not saying I'd do them on a regular basis, they're slightly too ridiculous for that, but they're fun to mess around with. Thanks for letting me play with your face Jessica!

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