and it begins...dragon*con makeup test 1

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First, sorry these pictures suck. For the life of me I cannot get my camera to take good close up shots when it's not day outside.You can imagine how annoying that is when the best time for me to play around with makeup is when I get home from work! Does this mean I need to invest in lighting or something? Grr.

Also, as I apologize again, sorry for no product description. It was a matte from my Tarte holiday kit all over the lid and mostly a mix of MAC's Sketch and Fig. 1 in the crease. I was inspired from this pin-up picture I saw online but as mine is a sad, sad, recreation of it, I will not be sharing it with you.  Why point out how bleh this came out? :-/

Stupid Dragon*Con makeup! Why are you always the bane of my existence?!

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