H&M and their personal vendetta

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I can't remember if I've talked about this already or not, but H&M hates me. I don't know what I did but almost nothing in that store ever fits and when it does go on it looks so wonky that I can't even remember why I was moved to try it. PLUS that store seems to think that my ribs are optional and can be removed whenever they deem necessary.

Does anybody else see something wrong with this picture?

Still with a 20% off coupon (you can get one too by signing up for their newsletter) I thought I'd give it another go.The results were, as usual, hit and miss.

*All dresses were are size 14.
**I'm pretty sure all these dresses were $34.95.

 I liked this lace dress a lot - the grey more than the all black - but there were just too many small things that irked me. The stretch in the material meant in fit in the bust but by that same token the dress itself became too short. Instead of being a cute, fitting closer to the body work dress, my proportions were thrown off and it just wasn't as flattering as it could have been.

I wanted this dress to fit SO badly but damn you H&M! I could zip it up over my ribs (though it was very tight) but it was a total no go over the bust. The material has almost no stretch and when the roomie and I tried to force it all of a sudden I had weird uni-boob. But if you're a little smaller than me all over this is a beautiful dress with a great A-line. Plus the mesh was just opaque enough not to show the straps of my nude bra through it. 

You probably won't believe me, but this is the dress I ended up buying. But wait! I'm wearing it here with my belt and it at least gives you an idea of how I'm going to style it. I think it's going to be a great transitional dress from summer to fall, as with the loose swingy skirt it'll look wonderful with tights and boots. First thing though is I'm going to remove that heinous lace insert and pin up the v-neck from the base to make it a slightly shorter. I'd wear this with a black tank top - or in the winter - can't you just see it with a black turtle neck?! Love.

There was another dusky purple dress I tried on that for some reason I didn't take a picture of, and a green wrap dress that did not fit at ALL, but that's pretty much it. Here's hoping my failures leads to success for you!
Anonymous said...

I HATE H&M!!!! It seems like such a good idea in theory, but nothing ever fits me! Apparently being petite means that EVERYTHING should be petite, so I can't ever buy anything that qualifies at button-down unless I don't mind gaping. (Note: I don't even have a particularly large chest; apparently I need to be a AA in order to buy anything petite) I found ONE dress once that I absolutely loved, but it had no zipper and was very fitted so I almost had to rip it to get it off when I was in the dressing room. Obviously I did not buy it.

Dana said...

What a rarity to find another person with an H&M problem! I feel like everyone - almost especially petites - finds exactly what they need there. Which of course I never ever understood o_O

It's not that I don't want to like H&M, I do, but I shouldn't feel like I have to do something about my bones to fit in their clothing!

(And I'd talk more about problems with fit in the bust but that's really an issue I have everywhere.)

Kiko said...

ooh I still like that black lacy dress. And it even fit me. Too bad it makes me look like a little kid >_<

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