jean conundrum

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well I don't have an Awkward and Awesome to share with you guys today but I thought my own personal shopping dilemma would do in a pinch!

Jeans - love them or hate them they're a staple in pretty much everyone's closet. I in no way need any more of these but I keep obsessing over a couple. One pair I was actually able to try on and the other just one I've seen modeled on so many bloggers that I can't help but lust after them.

The ones I tried on:

I was surprisingly unhorrified with how they looked on, even tucked in, and I loved just how wide the wide legs were. Can't you just see them with platforms? I definitely can.

I do have to admit though that they were really long, I mean a good 4-5 inches too long, which was a bit surprising considering I was trying on the regular length. 

The ones I wish I'd be able to try on:

I want to love these on me but without seeing how the pants fit in the hip and thigh I just can't say. The bloggers I've seen wear them, even though they're women I love, are quite smaller than I so I'm not able to judge the fit at all.

And now I'm even sadder because they USED to be on sale. $20 off still made them more than I want to pay for jeans but dammit now they're even more expensive!

There is much sadness in the House of Dana (at least until I find a coupon - then maybe things will get better).

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