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Thursday, August 25, 2011

IMG_1775bAnd the testing for Dragon*Con continues! At this point (9 DAYS AWAY!) I've actually manage to narrow down all my outfits and not feel completely freaked out. I will be busy though as for the first two days I have 2 completely different outfits and makeup to wear.

Finally I can at least say I have a look for my first pinup outfit! Again I was inspired from various YouTube videos and I actually pulled this together with makeup I already had - no new stuff necessary! If you're OCD like me you can see the shading is a little off from one side to the other, but as this was the first time I'd ever done the look I'm not too concerned about evening everything out the day of.

My only real concern is that that (and I acknowledge it could be my camera) it doesn't seem to show up bright and pigmented in the farther away pictures. All I can really discern is the general shape given by the darkest contour color, but ideally everything would pop equally.

Hope you like it!

Products Used:
~~NYX Jumbo Pencil in Lemon
~~FaceFront Cosmetics loose mineral eye pigment in Bee Incredible
~~ MAC Pigment in Golden Olive
~~MAC eyeshadow in Humid
~~Wet N Wild Comfort Zone eyeshadow Palette (right column, crease color)
~~MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
~~Sephora kohl eyeliner in 01 keep black
ODARA said...

This is really beautiful! You're very talented I wish I could do that! lol I'm kinda OCD too but you can't really noticed the shading being off until you mentioned it, and I see what you mean about the colors not picking up from the distant shots, it's probably just the camera and lighting. GORGEOUS!

Dana said...

Thanks! And I'm sure you could do it too because the products I used are super blendable :).

Also I can never tell if people like/are annoyed when my OCD tendencies come out and I point out things I'd change. I know that my roommate at least never sees what I'm talking about, lol, but I always do! I can't help it !

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