Awkward and Awesome Thursday - Dragon*Con Edition!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Instead of inundating you with a million posts (which I hate writing and are probably boring for you to read) here's a quick A&A to be followed up by one (or two) picture posts. I'm always sad to leave Dragon*con but I'm so happy to be back to my life and my studio apartment!

-Getting an hour outside DC before remembering the baggie of jewelry still sitting on my bed.
-Creepy CVS guy trying to pull the 'I have to take a photo of you' card. Uh, no. F*ck you.
-Jason Mamoa bringing cups/bottle of beer into every panel he was on. Strange, strange man.
-The woman at the Jason Mamoa panel who asked to touch his biceps. THAT IS NOT RELEVANT OK?!
-The lines. Oh god, the lines. I did more waiting this year than I really like and it was poop every time.
-Losing your moisturizer in the one room you've had it in, only to have it found in a washcloth no one has ever seen before o_O.
-Fart wars. Really, Voyager cast? Ok then. You do you.
-Spending 20min the entire weekend in the art show. There is just not enough time in the day!
-Not having enough books to read. Or not having enough books that I really wanted to read.
-Humidity. Atlanta in the summer is the home of steamy heat and sweat, which when surrounded by 50,000 people who don't like to shower? Not good.
-With that said, B.O. I should not smell you from 20 feet away. It's a bad sign.
-Vlogging. How does anyone do that? Not only do I forget about my camera half the time, the other half I don't have anything interesting to say. Sigh. I think I'm just gonna give up.

A little awkward, a LOT amazing.
-Burlesque Power Rangers were apprently a 'distraction' to people coming up the escalator, so hotel security politely asked us to move over 10 feet to avoid an accident. THAT TOTALLY HAPPENED.

And apparently I made this face.
-Chicken quesadillas. Cheese + chicken + salsa = magic.
-A slightly drunk (or exhausted) Robert Picardo stepping into the elevator with my friend Jessica and I, trying to find the room for his next panel.
-An entire elevator letting me know that they all agreed and thought I should cosplay as Inara from Firefly. Ok...
-People in MUCH better steampunk costumes than I wanting to take a picture of me and my makeup! So freaking cool!
-MEETING JEN AND JOHN FROM CAKEWRECKS/EPBOT! I found them completely by accident (I don't stalk Twitter enough) but I did it!
-Richard Dean Anderson is hilarious and old and I would still marry him in a heart beat.
-Leather corsets! Costs an arm and a leg but looks fantastic. I can wear it every day right? Leather's always aprorpriate for work.
-"My Drunk Kitchen". Don't kow it? Look it up! It's short, hilarious, and easily the most entertaining thing to watch on epic car rides.
-Cook Out. I know that's another food item, but it deserves it's own awesome spot. It's so good and the DMV is missing out! Hush puppies and cajun cheese fries? A corn dog as a 'side'? A chicken wrap as a 'side'? Genius!

Yes? Yes.

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