Dragon*Con Part II - The Costumes

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I don't know how anyone does this. I LOVED the costumes I saw this year and narrowing it down to a manageable post is almost evil. It forces me to weigh one against the other in a battle royale of costume-y goodness. Plus my pics are probably sad little representations when placed against some of the DLSR photos but hey, I had phone.

This is just a small sampling of what's available in this album so don't forget to check it out!

 Avengers! I loved their attention to detail and overall feel - they'd obviously put a lot of time and energy into these costumes. 

 OMG LOOK AT THEM! Seriously - Mario, Luigi, AND Wario?! I may have had a squeal fest when I sa them but I admit nothing. 

Voyager is my #1 Star Trek love and by far this is the best Seven of Nine I've ever seen - props to the other dudes too but she was my favorite!

 Attack of my childhood! An amazing Labyrinth couple (and if you couldn't tell, Jareth is a girl!). I even saw them later in the weekend in another set of costumes from the movie. I loved them. And who could forget RU-FI-OOOOOOO! Plus with the possibly the best photobomb ever, you also get the Professor and the Powerpuff Girls!

1) Run AWAAAAAAY! 2) Fry and Leela/Futurama in the house! Where else but Dragon*Con would you be able to see both of these costumes wandering around the Marriott? 

 These were a couple of my 'I don't know who you are but DAMN you're cool' pics. 

And to end it on a completely superficial note, look at me and my friends!!!!
And a bonus burlesque Harley Quinn too ;)

I hope that my pictures have given you a little bit of a look into what Dragon*Con is all about, though I don't want you to think every bit of is as awesome. Almost 50,000+ people attend this event and that means one thing - crowds, crowds, and more crowds. Followed by lines. It's a bit of a fake it till you make it, dodging around crowds, making sure that you get into what you want to see the most. My best piece of advice would have to be: Be Flexible. Have lots of options, try not to get your heart too set on any one thing; things happen and sometimes you just have to be willing to float around until you find the spot for you.

But that's it folks - time to relax until next year!! (Which we already have a costume idea for.)

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