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Friday, September 21, 2012

Color! Pattern! Texture! Shine! Fall has got it's greedy little mitts on me and I can't wait to start playing with bolder looks now that I know they won't melt because of the heat.

Products Used:
~~Maybelline Color Tatto in 10 Fierce & Tangy
~~Milani Liquif'eye  in 03 Gold
~~120 eyeshadow palette (ebay) red & hot pink matte eyeshadow
~~Facefront Cosmetics loose mineral pigment in Death by Rubies
~~Tarte matte beige eyeshadow (highlight)
~~elf pigment eyeshadow in Golden Goddess
~~Inglot matte black eyeshadow
~~L'Oreal Smouldering Eyeliner
~~Physicians Formula liner
~~elf natural lashes in black
~~elf eyebrow kit in dark

*Original inspiration post w/ tutorial can be found here*

PasticheBella said...

I really like this one, do you wear bolder looks to work?

Dana said...

It depends on my mood. This I wouldn't because the fake lashes would brush up against the inside of my glasses. But then again right now I'm wearing a smokey purple eye look that turned out unexpectedly dramatic so you never know!

(I convince myself that since my looks are behind my glasses that bolder = better, lol)

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