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Friday, September 14, 2012

While doing some returns (and purchases) I tried on a few things at Pentagon City. None of it was 'wow' enough to come home with me but in case you wanted to pick up anything new for Fall here's a look -

The Limited

First Impression: Loved the color but not the 3/4 length sleeves or the two button stance. Pass (especially at this price).

Black Sheath Dress w/ Peplum, Sz L, $? ; Faux Leather Trimmed Sheath Dress, Sz L, $98

First Impression: Not for me. The high neckline and wide shoulder straps left me with major uni-boob and the randomly open peplum said 'look at my belly!'. Sad because the cobalt blue with leather accents was so nice in concept.

Two Toned Blazer, Sz XL, $?

First Impression: Almost. This was surprisingly cute as the color change hit flatteringly at my natural waist. But the one button stance and it being a little bit too big made the final decision for me.

Horn Button Jacket, Sz XL, $29.80

First Impression: Almost. As I've said, I don't like one button stances and the boyfriend blazer fit isn't my favorite, but the purple with the contrast lining almost had me.

Faux Leather Trim Bird Dress, Sz XL, $?

First Impression: Eh. The XL was confusingly too big and almost too small at the same time. The neckline was high and the shoulders wide, so while the print and leather accents drew me in, this was a no.

I did manage to settle on my new 'adult' jeans though so while these two trips were unsuccessful I'm still pretty happy!

Kiko said...

ooh i might have to see if i can find the purple blazer.. =D

Dana said...

You should! Be careful though because I picked this up in the plus size section - no guarantee it'll be available in regular :-/.

Kiko said...

*nods* or that the sleeves will be a length that makes any sense on me even if it exists. But it's worth a shot. I just picked up another blazer at H&M that i'm still not sure about just because it's $50 (I think it's this one in blue: I need to stop buying blazers =P

Kiko said...

went by, didn't see it. but - forever 21 XS may be too big for me anyway. I'm not a fan.

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