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Friday, September 7, 2012

Know what the best part is of throwing caution to the wind and making a bunch of online orders before leaving for Dragon*Con? Trying it all on when you get home!

P.S. - Big thanks to my coworkers who don't mind taking pictures of me while I rush around on my lunch break! 
 Old Navy: Women's Lightweight Camp Shirt, Sz L, $15 (sale)
GAP: 1969 Modern Trouser Jeans, Sz 14, $39.99 (sale)

First Impression: Shirt - yes. Super cheap, indeed lightweight, and I predict easy to pair with everything. Jeans? Pretty sure I'm gonna keep. These are the original pair that I saw on Sidney which made me fall in love with flares at all. I'm not totally comfortable with the little bit of rippling in the front but I think that'll relax with time. Plus they're just long enough (to wear with heels I mean).

 The Limited: 678 Colorful Skinny Jean, Sz 14, $33.98 (sale)

First Impression: Love the color, unsure about the length. Maybe it's because I've always been a person that had to roll up their skinnies, but these almost feel like high waters. Thoughts? Oh and the rise is nice from the front and high enough in the back that I don't fear plummer's crack.

 The Limited: 678 Dark Wash Skinny Jean, Sz 14, $33.98 (sale)

First Impression: So comfortable! These have a tad more spandex than the rest of the pairs I ordered and they're very easy to slide on. Probably the closest to my F21 favorites, I also think the rise is spot on. Could the back pockets be higher? Possibly, but let's not ask for perfection for under $40. Also these came cuffed out of the bag but it's highly unlikely I'd wear them that way. 

The Limited: 917 Bartacked Skinny Jean, Sz 14, $33.98 (sale)

First Impression: Also comfortable! The label said that these were a 'curvy' fit with room for hips and thighs - plus it was the only pair you could choose the length on. I actually don't mind the fading (it usually drives me batty) though in a case of why me, I'm wondering a little about what I'd do with the bunching at the bottom? There's less stretch in these so when I walked around I noticed a little bunching between my abdomen and thigh but it wasn't crazy and didn't bother me much.

Final Decision? Up in the air. There are a lot of good choices here, especially for the price point, and I'd be using these to replace the cheaper pairs that are falling apart. Help me! Which would you keep?

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