Action Babes Volume 2, Part A: Men

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I know - you're all like "What the hell Dana? Two parts?" I hate to make this reminiscent of South Park's 1st season cliffhanger debacle, but there are just too many men to put in one post! I'm sure we'd all manage to bask in their hotness if I tried to cram it all into one, but no one actually wants to read a post that long! It would lost all credibility and just become something I wrote to justify my own desire to ogle and rank Hollywood actors.

Which isn't exactly a bad thing but shouldn't I at least try to be a little legitimate with this? I think so.

This time around I'm going to start with the honorable mentions and then movie into the list, with hot action babes #15-6 shown here. The list was compiled by myself and two coworkers, and it was actually easier than ranking the women (I made us stick to only 20 men, with 5 honorable mentions and a top 15 because it could have gone on forever)! Maybe it's because the women had to be more than just a piece of ass, while some men were picked primarily for their ability to look good while sweaty. *Shrug* Every man on the list had to get a unanimous vote on their place in the countdown to get a number, and there might have been some ardent defending on why one man's brain made him better than the other man's brawn, I think everyone will agree that the men on this list are waaaaay deserving of being mentioned, and should be cast in more action films as soon as possible.

Honorable Mentions:
* Laurence Fishburne
* Cary Elwes
* Pierce Brosnan
* Brad Pitt
*Denzel Washington

(since I'm writing the post I get to comment about how I AM INCREDIBLY BITTER that Brad Pitt was shoved aside and relegated to an honorable mention - that is totally uncalled for though my coworkers beat me down in the end and got me to agree to it. I may have been under the influence, I wouldn't put it past them. Damn Brad Pitt Haters. That's just not right.)

To make it into the list itself, men had to be (or been) amazing representations of action babe-age in multiple films. They had be rough, ready, and heroes to mankind (though dark heroes were also accepted). It's a hard job but someone has to do it, and these men were always ready to step forward and volunteer to shed some blood for their country/loved ones/money/some vague agenda no one ever really understood.

Hot Action Babes:
15. Daniel Craig
14. Leonardo DiCaprio
13. Hugh Jackman
12. Jeff Goldblum
11. Christian Bale
10. Gerard Butler
9. Djimon Hounsou
8. George Clooney
7. Robert Downey Jr.
6. Matt Damon

I can actually hear you all right now through my computer screens: "What poise! What grace! What spectacularly defined abs! How could you possibly have narrowed it down?!" Well let me tell you, myself and my coworkers are simply inspirational examples of what a woman can do when she puts her mind to it.

As hard as it is for me to write it, there is still more to come. The TOP 5 ACTION BABES for the men are still coming up! Make sure to stick around so you don't feel left out when people talk about it around the water cooler! (Do offices still have water coolers?)
The Krimson Venom said...

Something tells me that Chris Evans is gonna make this list just by what I've seen so far.......don't judge me

Dana said...

Hah! Prepare to be surprised.

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