Big Girl Dressing Vol. III: Chub Rub

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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Ok girls, I know it's hard in today's day and age to talk about some things, but in the reality of Big Girl Dressing there is one topic that just cannot be avoided: chub rub. You all know what I'm talking about- that chafing between your thigh
s or between your arms and body during the summer when you wear a tank top or dress.

But the real devastating truth of chub rub? The secret that most cultures keep hidden behind smoke and mirrors?

It doesn't just affect big girls!

Runners, small women who aren't anorexic thin, GUYS who have some meat; all of them can be hit by the drea
ded chub rub. I know, I know - I've knocked your world off its axis and you need some time work through this. Don't give up! Believe it and bask in the knowledge that you're not that different from everybody else!

I'm inspire
d to write this particular volume now because it's summer and during the summer women like to deal with the climbing thermometer by pulling on a dress or skirt. It's a great way to work in some ventilation without being that weird guy in a kilt. Unfortunately this proves a problem because when skin, any skin, is rubbing together consistently and for long periods of time in the heat it causes pain.

But what else can we do Dana? We can't be in jeans all year long!

I'll tell you
what you can do! Try any (one at a time though) of the options below:

1) Monistat Chafing Gel
2) Deodorant
3) BodyGlide
4) Spanx

The Details:

1) I know - everybody hears Monistat and thinks yeast infections, but they do in fact make other things. Their chafing gel comes in a squeezy tube and you apply it with your hands to the areas that tend to chafe. As you rub it in it transforms from a gel to a powder like finish, which is the barrier against chafing.

2) I haven't tried this one yet, but I've heard you can also rub deodorant against the problem areas and it should help too. Easier and less sketch to attempt in public I think than the gel.

3) BodyGlide Chafing Stick has been used by runners for awhile to combat any rubbing issues
from occurring and causing issues to their stride. It's all official and everything (but a little expensive). I've heard some people love it and others not so much, so while I recommend it as a proven way to deal with chub rub, it also sounds like it's a personal choice on which measure you'll find the most effective.

4) Oh Number 4. You are my most favorite of choices, because you take care of so many problems at once! The almighty Spanx (or fake-Spanx, if you're like me and prefer to pick up the no-name brand from Target) has been known mostly for its ability to pull it (you) in and up, making almost
anyone's body better. I've found that in addition to making dresses and skirts look better, they infinitely improve the length of time I'll be comfortable wearing one. I like the kind that go about half-way down my thighs (cellulite ok? It's a problem, don't judge) and that eliminates any chance of chub rub. I don't find they make me hotter than any other scorching day would already make me, but my roommate disagrees. Thus, while I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM FOR EVERYONE BIG OR SMALL, you'll again have to see for yourself if they are the nirvana I consider them to be.

***Cheap alternative: I did this once in Italy when I thought I was all big and bad and was going to walk around without Spanx. I bought a pair of cheap ass nylons and cut them a few inches above the knee. Ta-da: instant Spanx.***

I hope you've all learned something today. Something you can use, something you can teach your friends and daughters to use - something that you can teach the guys in your life to use! Chub rub is no longer an excuse to be sweltering in the heat! Break out those (appropriately lengthed) dresses and skirts and walk on happy!
Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you did this! I've been struggling with this problem all summer, and I ended up going with option 4. Although now that I know the others exist I may give them a try :)


Dana said...

I'm glad it helped! I'm trying to hit the important issues so no one feels left out!

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