Besides all the annoying background noise, being a mindreader would be really useful right now

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is a personal rant. Reading a personal rant all the way through can leave you confused and possibly give you a headache. You have been warned.

Dating is hard because people are confusing. It's hard because while I don't want to be understanding of other people's confusion, I naturally tend to want to give someone the ben
efit of the doubt.

I think the combination of a guy who thinks too much and a girl who thinks to much and an age gap that's just enough to be annoying is this big squiggly ball of confusion, lust, banter, unhappiness, and 'AARRRRGGH'.

You like this person. You are getting hints that this person likes y
ou back. But the odds of actually moving from those two feelings to an actual date are almost astronomical! All I can see right now is Charlie Brown repeatedly trying to kick the football out of Lucy's hands and failing. Then failing again. And then failing again. It's enough to make me want to bang my head against the wall (except this would mess up my makeup, which I am not a fan of).

I am not a mindreader. Even if I was I couldn't be much help in a situation where I sincerely feel that the other party is thinking too much. I am not looking that far into the future with whatever this might have been/is. And while despite myself I can't seem to help understanding that being your age and who you are you're looking at things with different eyes, I can be annoyed anyway. Thank goodness I'm a woman and can be annoyed if I want to.

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