Life is all about tries right?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I did this look for a party a couple of weeks ago, as the theme of the night was a little costume-y and I felt I could get away with something this dramatic. I've been trying to do my own take on Anck Su Namun's makeup (from the Mummy movies). It's been hit or miss so far, I think because I just don't have any experience with doing cut creases. Oh well - two tries down doesn't mean I'll never get it, it just means that I'll probably have to work a bit harder at it, lol.

For this look I used a combination of MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline and my Kat Von D palette in True Love (which has a great creamy gold color that I used as a base). I dusted some gold eyeshadow on top from the Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay palette and finished off with a couple coats of mascara. I tired to contour more heavily with MAC's Skinfish Natural, but again I think my lack of familiarity with bronzer and sharp contouring did me in. In the end I'd have to say that I had fun doing it as a trial run, but I still would LOVE to nail this down more perfectly!
Jessy said...

Can I just say that our shower curtain looks really good in this's all the bleach :)

Dana said...

You and the shower curtain! You have GOT to let that go! LOL! It's unhealthy!

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