Burnished Red

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I wore this one just last night, and I think all in all I like it. I feel like the burnished red that I used could have been more flattering for my skin tone, but I think as a try it wasn't too bad at all. Sorry about the random pink in the inner corner, I tried it as a fluke and couldn't really see it in person but it ended up being very visible in the pictures.

Products Used:
--FaceFront Cosmetics loose eyeshadow in Death by Rubies
--FaceFront Cosmetics loose eyeshadow in Little Gremlin
--NYX eyeshadow in Black
--Kat Von D True Love Palette, highlight color - Peanut
--NYX Felt Tip liner in Jet Black
--Sephora kohl and liner in 01 keep black
--eyeslipsface Dramatic Lash Kit in Black
--Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender Mascara in 001 Black
--Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara in 003 Extreme Black
Joanna said...

stop being so pretty dana. youre making the rest of us look bad

Dana said...

Hahaha, yeah right Joanna, I think I have a long way before anyone needs to worry about that!

Unknown said...

Oddly enough, I like the pink with this look. It's intriguing. And your hair is fabulous!

Dana said...

Thanks Kim! Freshly washed and air dried in the house - let me tell you it looked NOTHING like this at the end of the night! LOL!

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