Wet N Wild: Mega Last Lipsticks

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey Everyone!!! I don't know if product reviews/highlights are going to end up being a regular part of this blog, I guess we'll see, but either way I wanted to mention some lipsticks that I first saw on ItsJudyTime's YouTube channel - Wet N Wild's Mega Last Lipsticks. They're supposed to be very hydrating and high impact, which I guess is just one of the many steps Wet N Wild is taking to improve the image of the brand.

I haven't done any thorough 'in the field' testing of these yet, but they definitely live up the pigmented part of her recommendation. With just a few swipes you get incredibly rich matte color. I picked mine up at a CVS in Ballston, which had them on a special display. It was the only drugstore around me where I was actually able to get my hands on them, so if at first you can't find them around you just keep persevering and I'm sure it'll work out! As Judy mentions in her video, the names of the lipstick are only on the clear packaging that protects the product themselves, so these pictures are labeled with the product number from the bottom.

**Click to enlarge**

(sorry the picture's blurry!)

907C seems to me to be more of a Barbie like pink, though I think the name of it is actually Mauve Outta Here. 905D is a cool toned hot pink and 919B is a very very deep burgundy/purple, which I can't wait to use in a look. 910D is bright fire engine red, which I don't think will look so great with my skin tone but it is a wonderful color to have with me to use on other people.

I'll try to do an updated review once I've played with them more, but for only about $2-$3 USD what's to stop you from trying them out for yourself?

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