Cherry Blossom Festival (prequel)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I think that since tomorrow's post is going to be about some of the favorite things I saw at the Cherry Blossom Festival, today can be about what I wore - cause that's not strange right?

Though let me say it was really annoying to have to find a cute outfit for a cloudy, cold, overcast day in the middle of APRIL.

~ Shirt: Forever21+ ~ Skirt: GAP ~ Leggings: Forever21+ ~ Boots: Steve Madden ~

~ Cameo: Eastern Market ~ Pearl Bracelet: online somewhere ~ Mixed stone bracelet: roomie ~

Stila Smudge pot in little black dress

I'm really trying to find a liner that doesn't smudge (HAH! Smudge pot that doesn't smudge. Get it?) for me on the outer corners and I think the Stila smudge pot may be a winner. This is from the Barbie collection so it's black with pink glitter, but you get the idea right?

Joanna said...

actually ive been looking for a black liner that doesnt smudge either. Mostly I get transfer to the area under my eyebrow (I guess when I look up?)
Let me know if you find something

Dana said...

Hmm so far I'm having really positive thoughts about the Stila smudge pot. I used the electric blue in an earlier post and that didn't smudge and neither did this. The only thing is that since I have large lids I don't get so much of the kind of transfer that you do. But I consider it definitely worth a try!

Just pick it up somewhere with a good return policy in case it doesn't work out ;)

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