Dear Person Raining on my Parade

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I hate the gym. I HATE IT. I go due to my own issues and insecurities about my body. Issues that are only slightly being alleviated by my time there. I never feel good afterward - only tired - and right now only my roommate's comment of improvement keeps me going. With that said:

1) Just because we are both relatively young women of color does not make it ok to comment on how I'm doing my routine.

2) You stopping my set to comment on my routine only extends the amount of time I give to an activity I loathe.

3) Telling me randomly that I should add more weight to increase resistance because the machine is making more noise than you like does not help me. Instead it causes me to feel worse and even more like what I'm doing is a waste of time, even though you, as a random person, have shown no credentials as to why your opinion should carry any weight.

So yes, Person Raining on my Parade, thanks for making my afternoon THAT MUCH BETTER. I don't know what I would have done without your 'help'.

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