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Monday, April 25, 2011

Presenting...drum roll please....my first pair of colored contact lenses!! I ordered these from PinkyParadise.com (review on that order coming soon) and I've got to say I was pleasantly surprised with the effect. Now with this pair in particular I have to say that for some reason the left lens is really irritating. I don't know if it's the size or that on lens specifically, but it's just not the most comfortable. I get a few hours of wear with it and then I begin to feel like I'm blinking too much or twitching like I'm crazy. Though I do have to say that at least my eye never got red; it felt irritated but it never looked anything but normal.

The pair I'm wearing here I think are Adult Geos in Violet - I have to check that - but either what matters is it is defintiely a fun way to put a little something different into your look. I had ordered these to be my more 'wow' pair for Dragon*Con but actually they're pretty subtle in daylight. Inside the Roomie says they give off kind of the Elizabeth Taylor Effect but the general enlargement and opaqueness of the lenses is not overwhelming. 

I don't know how I feel about the lenses with this eye combo though. I figured since it was a Saturday and I could I would go for broke and do this cool look that I saw BabylovesPow do on YouTube. As usual I didn't have the exact colors that she used but the best part about makeup is that you can always make do and create a look that's uniquely your own just by substituting products that you do have on hand. Plus I was looking for a reason to use my new Inglot shadows (the coral color below). Still it's bright even for me, especially with the teal color on the lid. Do I hate it? No. Do I love it? Not really. But it was a chance I took and sometimes you just never know until you try - even if it's only ever to be seen inside the confines of your room :)

Products Used:
~~Inglot eyeshadow in 366 (I can't get my pan out >.< but I think this is what it is)
~~MAC eyeshadow in Graphology
~~Wet n Wild, Blue Had Me At Hello palette, teal color
~~Giorgio Armani Maestro eye liner 1
~~Mascara (sorry I don't remember which one)

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