Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ok I have to admit straight up that I stole the idea for this outfit from a WAY more fashionable blog (& blogger), i am Khatu. I think I set an even more unrealistic goal for myself than usual because not only does she have a banging closet she's small, cute, and petite.

And I am none of these things.

Still with the cooler weather that hit DC earlier this week I couldn't resist trying out a look I fell in love with on her blog. Simple but beautiful, it's a way to rock the white pant no matter what season it is.

~ Sweater: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Wide Legged Pants: LOFT (last year) ~ Black Pumps: T.J. Maxx ~

If you're wondering why I didn't tuck the pants in, to create a longer leg line? It's cause my abdomen is not up to the task and luckily I'm just tall enough to rock this anyway. 

~ Trench: Jones New York (thrifted) ~

Kiko said...

ah, but for what you lack in shortness and cuteness you make up in presence and glamourousness.

Me, on the other hand, can do cute, but am often hidden by someone tall in front of me =P

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