Sakura Matsuri!

Friday, April 8, 2011

So if for some reason I haven't made it clear before, I live in DC. And right now we're coming up on the *DUH DUH DUUUUH* last weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Which guarantees that every mode of public transportation is going to be clogged with tourists, half the escalators won't work, and there will be even more people to ignore the 'right stand, left walk' rule - cause it's a RULE people!

On the bright side though on Saturday the Smithsonian is hosting the Sakura Matsuri, aka the Cherry Blossom Festival. Know what hearing the word matsuri makes me think of ? Anime. Why? All because of a little show called Blue Seed.

<-- See what I did there? It's a pic of the anime and Cherry Blossom flowers. Nice.

Blue Seed is an anime from my youth, my highschool years to be exact, and one that I loved. I mean it's just an extension of every romance book I enjoy, as you have the young, naive but determined, heroine fighting bad guys all while trying to fight her attraction to the quintessential 'bad boy'. What's not to love? So today I decided to use some blog space and post one of my favorite scenes from the show. 

Enjoy and Happy Sakura Matsuri!

Unknown said...

ooooo i'd LOVE to go to a cherry blossom festival... it's probably the closest i'll get to japan... at least for a few years. haha!

thanks for your love song suggestions! all great songs - can't go wrong with boyz II men ;P

Dana said...

I'm with you Kym - East Asia is a dream trip and while I'm still dreaming DC will have to do ;)

And I'm glad you liked the Boyz II Men! It was hard to pick just one song but I figured any B2M is better than none at all, lol.

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