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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Now it's time for the stuff I was really excited to see at the Japanese Street Festival: the costumes.Oh my goodness the costumes. Not the legendary stuff that you see at cons such as Dragon*Con, but a notable effort by most anyway. Though I guess it's not that surprising when you realize that the street festival is probably one of the few avenues where people can dress as Goth/Lolita/Anime/Sci-Fi as they want and no one will question them.

I, in fact, wanted to where my Yukata SO BADLY to this thing since I wouldn't get any weird looks (for once), but it was just too darn cold. And unlike those festival princesses I did not have enough devotion to the cause to wear it anwyay. I am a chicken. I do no like to be cold.

Still let's admire some of the people who did go balls to the wall with some great stuff!

Nice Goth inspired showing

I have no idea who this guy is trying to be but LOOK at this hair. I love it.

Super cute kimono-esque outfit made out of butterfly fabric

Cyber-Goths were out in FORCE and had by far the best costumes.

Inu-Yasha! Love these 2 with their masks and full body costumes.

Those are unfortunately some of the only costume pictures I took this year. See when you're at a con you feel it's much less weird to ask 'can I take your picture?' - it's almost something cosplayers want to have happen because they've worked so hard on their costumes. Here people were just walking around doing their thing and I almost felt like taking their pictures would imply that they're dressing up to put on a show, a display - and not just doing it because it spoke to them.

But I have been told a time or two I think too much so who knows.

Look forward to my next post though as we get back to makeup and my first ever pair of CIRCLE LENSES!

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