Arabic-ish (isn't that the technical term?)

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This look is based off a YouTube video that MakeupGeekTV posted a few days ago. I of course didn't have the exact MAC Pigments that she used, but I was lucky enough that my order from FaceFront Cosmetics had included some very similar items. I've always been drawn to Arabic/Indian inspired looks, more than likely because quite a few of them feature women with similar skin tones to mine, but the results have been hit or miss. This one I love a lot and I can't wait to have an excuse to wear it out. If you have any specific questions about how I made this happen (that aren't answered by the inspiration video) let me know in the comment section!

Products Used:
--Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette, Oraculum eyeshadow (gold)
--FaceFront Cosmetics loose eyeshadow in Death by Rubies
--FaceFront Cosmetics loose eyeshadow in Little Gremlin
--Tarte Holiday Chest, pale beige matte eyeshadow
--Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Liner Pencil in 071 Pure White
--NYX Felt Tip liner in Jet Black
--Sephora kohl and liner in 01 keep black
--Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender Mascara in 001 Black
--Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara in 003 Extreme Black
--Lips: 1) Smashbox Doubletake Lip Color in Cranberry 2) MAC Cremesheen Glass in Deelight

Action Babes Volume 2, Part A: Men

I know - you're all like "What the hell Dana? Two parts?" I hate to make this reminiscent of South Park's 1st season cliffhanger debacle, but there are just too many men to put in one post! I'm sure we'd all manage to bask in their hotness if I tried to cram it all into one, but no one actually wants to read a post that long! It would lost all credibility and just become something I wrote to justify my own desire to ogle and rank Hollywood actors.

Which isn't exactly a bad thing but shouldn't I at least try to be a little legitimate with this? I think so.

This time around I'm going to start with the honorable mentions and then movie into the list, with hot action babes #15-6 shown here. The list was compiled by myself and two coworkers, and it was actually easier than ranking the women (I made us stick to only 20 men, with 5 honorable mentions and a top 15 because it could have gone on forever)! Maybe it's because the women had to be more than just a piece of ass, while some men were picked primarily for their ability to look good while sweaty. *Shrug* Every man on the list had to get a unanimous vote on their place in the countdown to get a number, and there might have been some ardent defending on why one man's brain made him better than the other man's brawn, I think everyone will agree that the men on this list are waaaaay deserving of being mentioned, and should be cast in more action films as soon as possible.

Honorable Mentions:
* Laurence Fishburne
* Cary Elwes
* Pierce Brosnan
* Brad Pitt
*Denzel Washington

(since I'm writing the post I get to comment about how I AM INCREDIBLY BITTER that Brad Pitt was shoved aside and relegated to an honorable mention - that is totally uncalled for though my coworkers beat me down in the end and got me to agree to it. I may have been under the influence, I wouldn't put it past them. Damn Brad Pitt Haters. That's just not right.)

To make it into the list itself, men had to be (or been) amazing representations of action babe-age in multiple films. They had be rough, ready, and heroes to mankind (though dark heroes were also accepted). It's a hard job but someone has to do it, and these men were always ready to step forward and volunteer to shed some blood for their country/loved ones/money/some vague agenda no one ever really understood.

Hot Action Babes:
15. Daniel Craig
14. Leonardo DiCaprio
13. Hugh Jackman
12. Jeff Goldblum
11. Christian Bale
10. Gerard Butler
9. Djimon Hounsou
8. George Clooney
7. Robert Downey Jr.
6. Matt Damon

I can actually hear you all right now through my computer screens: "What poise! What grace! What spectacularly defined abs! How could you possibly have narrowed it down?!" Well let me tell you, myself and my coworkers are simply inspirational examples of what a woman can do when she puts her mind to it.

As hard as it is for me to write it, there is still more to come. The TOP 5 ACTION BABES for the men are still coming up! Make sure to stick around so you don't feel left out when people talk about it around the water cooler! (Do offices still have water coolers?)

Big Girl Dressing Vol. III: Chub Rub

From -

Ok girls, I know it's hard in today's day and age to talk about some things, but in the reality of Big Girl Dressing there is one topic that just cannot be avoided: chub rub. You all know what I'm talking about- that chafing between your thigh
s or between your arms and body during the summer when you wear a tank top or dress.

But the real devastating truth of chub rub? The secret that most cultures keep hidden behind smoke and mirrors?

It doesn't just affect big girls!

Runners, small women who aren't anorexic thin, GUYS who have some meat; all of them can be hit by the drea
ded chub rub. I know, I know - I've knocked your world off its axis and you need some time work through this. Don't give up! Believe it and bask in the knowledge that you're not that different from everybody else!

I'm inspire
d to write this particular volume now because it's summer and during the summer women like to deal with the climbing thermometer by pulling on a dress or skirt. It's a great way to work in some ventilation without being that weird guy in a kilt. Unfortunately this proves a problem because when skin, any skin, is rubbing together consistently and for long periods of time in the heat it causes pain.

But what else can we do Dana? We can't be in jeans all year long!

I'll tell you
what you can do! Try any (one at a time though) of the options below:

1) Monistat Chafing Gel
2) Deodorant
3) BodyGlide
4) Spanx

The Details:

1) I know - everybody hears Monistat and thinks yeast infections, but they do in fact make other things. Their chafing gel comes in a squeezy tube and you apply it with your hands to the areas that tend to chafe. As you rub it in it transforms from a gel to a powder like finish, which is the barrier against chafing.

2) I haven't tried this one yet, but I've heard you can also rub deodorant against the problem areas and it should help too. Easier and less sketch to attempt in public I think than the gel.

3) BodyGlide Chafing Stick has been used by runners for awhile to combat any rubbing issues
from occurring and causing issues to their stride. It's all official and everything (but a little expensive). I've heard some people love it and others not so much, so while I recommend it as a proven way to deal with chub rub, it also sounds like it's a personal choice on which measure you'll find the most effective.

4) Oh Number 4. You are my most favorite of choices, because you take care of so many problems at once! The almighty Spanx (or fake-Spanx, if you're like me and prefer to pick up the no-name brand from Target) has been known mostly for its ability to pull it (you) in and up, making almost
anyone's body better. I've found that in addition to making dresses and skirts look better, they infinitely improve the length of time I'll be comfortable wearing one. I like the kind that go about half-way down my thighs (cellulite ok? It's a problem, don't judge) and that eliminates any chance of chub rub. I don't find they make me hotter than any other scorching day would already make me, but my roommate disagrees. Thus, while I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM FOR EVERYONE BIG OR SMALL, you'll again have to see for yourself if they are the nirvana I consider them to be.

***Cheap alternative: I did this once in Italy when I thought I was all big and bad and was going to walk around without Spanx. I bought a pair of cheap ass nylons and cut them a few inches above the knee. Ta-da: instant Spanx.***

I hope you've all learned something today. Something you can use, something you can teach your friends and daughters to use - something that you can teach the guys in your life to use! Chub rub is no longer an excuse to be sweltering in the heat! Break out those (appropriately lengthed) dresses and skirts and walk on happy!

Natural Greens

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I've had this look in the works for awhile, mostly because I was determined that no color of the rainbow was going to be written off by me as something I couldn't wear. It's harder than it sounds, at least when it comes to makeup. I'm slowly working on discovering the exact shades of colors that work with my skin tone. Luckily, with the help of a NYX Jumbo Pencil, I was able to create this pretty day look, incorporating a combination of mossy green and browns.

Products Used:
--NYX Jumbo Pencil in Lemon (which strangely enough is green)
--Tarte Holiday Chest, olive green eyeshadow
--MAC eyeshadow in Twinks (a mid-toned brown with some gray)
--Tarte Holiday Chest, light brown matte eyeshadow
--Tarte Holiday Chest, dark brown matte eyeshadow
--Milani Touch of Brown eyeshadow quad, shimmery beige color (highlight)
--Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender Mascara in 001 Black
--Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara in 003 Extreme Black

Besides all the annoying background noise, being a mindreader would be really useful right now

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This is a personal rant. Reading a personal rant all the way through can leave you confused and possibly give you a headache. You have been warned.

Dating is hard because people are confusing. It's hard because while I don't want to be understanding of other people's confusion, I naturally tend to want to give someone the ben
efit of the doubt.

I think the combination of a guy who thinks too much and a girl who thinks to much and an age gap that's just enough to be annoying is this big squiggly ball of confusion, lust, banter, unhappiness, and 'AARRRRGGH'.

You like this person. You are getting hints that this person likes y
ou back. But the odds of actually moving from those two feelings to an actual date are almost astronomical! All I can see right now is Charlie Brown repeatedly trying to kick the football out of Lucy's hands and failing. Then failing again. And then failing again. It's enough to make me want to bang my head against the wall (except this would mess up my makeup, which I am not a fan of).

I am not a mindreader. Even if I was I couldn't be much help in a situation where I sincerely feel that the other party is thinking too much. I am not looking that far into the future with whatever this might have been/is. And while despite myself I can't seem to help understanding that being your age and who you are you're looking at things with different eyes, I can be annoyed anyway. Thank goodness I'm a woman and can be annoyed if I want to.

Image Copyright Hyperbole and a Half, 2010

And time continues to march on without my permission

For every girl that learned how to rock a fluffy backpack or pencils with feathers; that didn't know what to do to accurately describe that feeling of 'WhatEVER'; that learned what it really meant when a girl said she 'baked'; and finally, for every person (man or woman) who's ever used the word Monet to describe someone's attractiveness, I give you the impossible:

The movie Clueless is 15 YEARS OLD.

I think I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

e.l.f.: Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

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I bought these cleansing wipes on a whim during e.l.f.'s latest 60% off sale. With an original retail price of $3.00, even if they turned out to be horrible I knew I wasn't really losing out. Here's what the website says:

Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths Gently and easily cleans skin to remove all traces of makeup and dirt, even waterproof mascara. Great for on-the-go travel. Gentle cloths are soft and soothing for even the most sensitive skin. Infused with Aloe Vera Extract for deep hydration and moisture. 20 Pre-moistened cloths included.

I must admit that after using these a few times I'm very pleasantly surprised at how well they work! Right out of the package the e.l.f. wipes were very moist and did a great job of removing both face and eye makeup. They don't really leave a filmy feeling behind, though when I use them I can sometimes see a milky white substance that I'm assuming is part of the cleansing solution that the wipe is saturated with.

In the pictures below I used one wipe to take off my Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick swatches. The first is just one swipe down the middle of all 4 swatches and you can see that even with that first pass a lot of the lipstick is removed. After scrubbing a bit more about 98% of the lipstick is totally gone, with just some barely visible to the naked eye outlines left - which I contribute more to the extreme pigmentation of the lipstick than a problem with the wipe.
All in all I think they're a great value for the money and perfect for quick clean-ups on myself or others.

Wet N Wild: Mega Last Lipsticks

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Hey Everyone!!! I don't know if product reviews/highlights are going to end up being a regular part of this blog, I guess we'll see, but either way I wanted to mention some lipsticks that I first saw on ItsJudyTime's YouTube channel - Wet N Wild's Mega Last Lipsticks. They're supposed to be very hydrating and high impact, which I guess is just one of the many steps Wet N Wild is taking to improve the image of the brand.

I haven't done any thorough 'in the field' testing of these yet, but they definitely live up the pigmented part of her recommendation. With just a few swipes you get incredibly rich matte color. I picked mine up at a CVS in Ballston, which had them on a special display. It was the only drugstore around me where I was actually able to get my hands on them, so if at first you can't find them around you just keep persevering and I'm sure it'll work out! As Judy mentions in her video, the names of the lipstick are only on the clear packaging that protects the product themselves, so these pictures are labeled with the product number from the bottom.

**Click to enlarge**

(sorry the picture's blurry!)

907C seems to me to be more of a Barbie like pink, though I think the name of it is actually Mauve Outta Here. 905D is a cool toned hot pink and 919B is a very very deep burgundy/purple, which I can't wait to use in a look. 910D is bright fire engine red, which I don't think will look so great with my skin tone but it is a wonderful color to have with me to use on other people.

I'll try to do an updated review once I've played with them more, but for only about $2-$3 USD what's to stop you from trying them out for yourself?

Burnished Red

I wore this one just last night, and I think all in all I like it. I feel like the burnished red that I used could have been more flattering for my skin tone, but I think as a try it wasn't too bad at all. Sorry about the random pink in the inner corner, I tried it as a fluke and couldn't really see it in person but it ended up being very visible in the pictures.

Products Used:
--FaceFront Cosmetics loose eyeshadow in Death by Rubies
--FaceFront Cosmetics loose eyeshadow in Little Gremlin
--NYX eyeshadow in Black
--Kat Von D True Love Palette, highlight color - Peanut
--NYX Felt Tip liner in Jet Black
--Sephora kohl and liner in 01 keep black
--eyeslipsface Dramatic Lash Kit in Black
--Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender Mascara in 001 Black
--Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara in 003 Extreme Black

Life is all about tries right?

I did this look for a party a couple of weeks ago, as the theme of the night was a little costume-y and I felt I could get away with something this dramatic. I've been trying to do my own take on Anck Su Namun's makeup (from the Mummy movies). It's been hit or miss so far, I think because I just don't have any experience with doing cut creases. Oh well - two tries down doesn't mean I'll never get it, it just means that I'll probably have to work a bit harder at it, lol.

For this look I used a combination of MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline and my Kat Von D palette in True Love (which has a great creamy gold color that I used as a base). I dusted some gold eyeshadow on top from the Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay palette and finished off with a couple coats of mascara. I tired to contour more heavily with MAC's Skinfish Natural, but again I think my lack of familiarity with bronzer and sharp contouring did me in. In the end I'd have to say that I had fun doing it as a trial run, but I still would LOVE to nail this down more perfectly!

Deal of the Day: B1G1 at CVS

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As much as I love CVS, I'd be the first one to tell you that they're overpriced. I'm assuming that it's the convenience of their locations that make them feel like they can charge me on average as much $3 more than Target or Wal-mart.

Still every now and again they have enough of a sale that you can actually save money by stopping in at your neighborhood CVS. Makeup, toiletries, even food sometimes - pick up your weekly sales paper and you'd be surprised what CVS has available.

I went over lunch today and with all the B1G1 free items that I got (plus a couple coupons) my total went from $51+ to $34. $34! And I got things like cereal, deodorant, and toothpaste. All household staples.

The moral of this story is don't forget CVS. They might be overpriced, but every once in a while they'll surprise you.

Movie Theater Trauma

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In celebration of the long weekend a few friends and I went out the movies yesterday to see 'The Last Airbender'. Unfortunately I gotta give the movie a thumbs down, I think I'll do a post about it later, but I wanted to write here about what happened BEFORE the movie.

So there we are, myself and 3 friends, waiting for the movie to start. As most girls do we decided that a bathroom stop before the movie would be a good idea and lucky for us there was restroom ride across from our theater. What we didn't think too much about (because who does?) is that we took up every stall in that particular restroom.

And then I heard it.

A pitter patter of feet, then the sound of a little girl testing all the doors of the stalls.

But then it gets worse. She starts to cry.

"I have to go the bathroom! It's all full! I need to go the bathroom!"

My heart just DROPS. Here I am mid urination and this girl is having a panic attack outside the stalls. I feel so bad and in my head I'm going "Ok I'm coming, I'm coming, I'll pee fast I promise! I'm going as fast as I can! I just have this dress and the Spanx and then a tanktop - but I swear I'm coming". Not that anyone hears this but me because it's my own internal monogogue.

Ok so I rush like mad and get out and she's standing RIGHT THERE and runs in before I can even see her. Her mom finally comes in afterward and says "Did you make it?" And then the worst from the girl - "No."

NO. This girl had peed herself, the floor, everything. It was major peeing episode. And I felt HORRIBLE then and I feel horrible now, because even though it had little to do with me (her mom should have been on top of that ish), I feel like somehow I should have magically been able to pee faster so this girl could have gotten a stall and not peed herself.

I'M SO SO SORRY random little girl in Silver Spring. I hope you're not too traumatized at peeing yourself. Believe me, I am quite traumatized enough for the both of us.