D*C Looks: Day 2

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today I based my makeup on something MissChievious (YouTube guru) put up a few months ago. She was doing her own version of a Kim Kardashian look and while that sounds really complicated, it wasn't all that bad. The only issue is that it took over 45min to do on my own, not counting the foundation and face steps.

Ahh the things I do for a look.

I'm actually really happy with how it turned out, though when I'm looking down the liner doesn't look as exact as I would like. Still I loved the final product and I received a lot of positive feedback from my friends and the people at Dragon*Con.

Joanna said...

OOOOO! you look so pretty D! you should post more pictures of what everyone is wearing. im studying for my cardio exam and dragon con is way more exciting.... :-)

Dana said...

Thanks Joanna!!! It's a little hard to post everything I'd want to right now (the whole trying to sleep thing gets in the way), but come Wednesday I expect things to blow up!

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