"Easy" Liner

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm not sure when this happened, but sometime ago I apparently decided that eye liner was the 'easier' eye look option. I think it might have to be the less brushes thing, but it's something I've noticed myself doing the last couple of weekends: I get too lazy to mess with blending shadows and go with the 'quicker' liner option.

I've come to you guys to admit that it is in no way the quicker or easier option. The only thing I can say about liner is that usually I only use 1 brush so it's slightly better on the tool end. Now if I was willing to settle for smudged pencil this would be a different post entirely, but I like the more dramatic cat eye look and for that my OCD tendencies come to the forefront. I know that my eyebrows might be sisters and not twins - I recognize that as reality. Still, I want to tell myself that my liner is going to defy this trend and be perfect on both eyes. YEAH RIGHT. Instead I have to sit there and move the mirror to look at my eyes from different angles, step back and see it from the larger picture: there's almost no end to how I could be slightly dissatisfied with the final product.

So this is my warning to all the women like me who might think that bold(ish) liner might get them out the door quicker. Unless you're doing it with a pencil you can smudge out, just brush on some shimmery bronze shadow and mascara and call it a day!

Products Used:
--MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
--Stila Smudge Pot in Ultra Violet (bottom)
--MAC eyeshadow in a lilac/purple (it's a pressed pigment that I don't have the name for - sorry!)
--Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender Mascara in 001 Black
--Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara in 003 Extreme Black

Now for this look I actually went all the way and used some matte shadows to contour the eye a bit. I've decided that no matter how lazy I'm feeling bold liner looks better on me framed with at least a little shadow. Oh well.

Products Used:
--Stila Smudge Pot in Electric Blue
--Tarte Holiday Kit - matte eyeshadows
--Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender Mascara in 001 Black
--Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara in 003 Extreme Black
sssdawna said...

i used to rely on colored eyeliner when i wasn't allowed to wear makeup hahaha maybe that's why it's easy for me...and i still love to do it! so fun!

Dana said...

Oh I love the colored liner it's just my exactness gets in the way of my enjoyment of the process! LOL!

Firewater_Tigerlily said...

I Love the eye makeup =D I think I might give the Rimmel:Lycra Lash Extender a try sometime...your lashes look so faboo!!!

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