Packing for Dragon*Con

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I originally said that because my friend and I were driving to Dragon*Con packing would be easier. I would be able to bring whatever I wanted, even if I wasn't sure I would wear it, with the only limit being what could fit in the car (especially when the car only hold's the stuff for 2 people). I think I'm now going to take that back. Packing sucks and having the opportunity to take multiple options just makes it worse because I can pack more.

Do you see that? The only thing small about that is the tiny case of jewelry I'm bringing. This is the large suitcase from one of those sets of 3 you can buy from any department store. The LARGE. How can I possibly need this much stuff for 6 days? I'll tell you how - Dragon*Con. On any given day I can anticipate myself waking up and hating the outfit I'd decided on before. Well since I can't exactly drive the 10hrs back to DC to pick something else, I've gone with the 'bring everything but the kitchen sink' option. Which for a person who overpacks anyway, is just not pretty. The saddest thing? This isn't everything - this really is just clothes and shoes.

This is everything else. Makeup, brushes, and toiletries, which for someone like me can be a sizable amount if I'm not careful. I do have one caveat though, and that's the fact that I've never traveled with this much makeup before, and I could have been more compact if I'd wanted. I just didn't want; I wanted the freedom to create whatever look (subtle, dramatic, glittery, etc.) that I was in the mood for on that particular day. Still, even I have to admit that this is a bit overboard. The fact that in the end I couldn't fit my brushes in any of the many small pouches I own to hold them is probably a bit damning, isn't it?

This is a makeup artist's brush belt that I bought e.l.f a while ago, and even as I acknowledge that it's unnecessary that I should need it in this instance, isn't it pretty?! The back row holds my foundation/powder brushes, while everything else is for my eyes. Left to right you have brushes that pack on color, liner brushes, blending brushes, smudging brushes, and finally synthetic brushes to apply cream products. No one has to tell me that I'm overdoing it here; a lot of the brushes I'm bringing could do double duty and work in different ways, but I want them all! They're just so soft and useful and....well dammit I don't care why I want them, I want them!

The epicness starts soon and I can't wait!

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