Fatshionistas and Loving Yourself

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's probably not good for me to admit it, but I'm what could be described as an 'in a rut' blog reader. I don't really like searching around and instead seem to get some kind of sick enjoyment out of yelling at my blog roll when I don't have anything new to read.

Luckily I can say I'm working on that. Lately I've been using Jezebel articles, links in other blog posts, random links to things on Facebook to try to break out of my blog box. I don't want to settle on just the number of blogs I read today. I would like to know that I'm expanding and actively searching for new things about all of my passions. Lately I've really enjoyed reading posts from the world of the fat & fabulous because it's hard not having the typical body. I don't care what anyone says, it's hard to have to work all the time to find clothing that fits and accessories that work with your body and personal style. Still it's through the work of some very wonderful women that inspiration and help is never far away.

I'll talk more about the specific blogs I've been reading later, but I wanted to a highlight a particular post from Natalie at definatalie.com. Last year she wrote one entitled "How to love yourself in 8 very hard steps" and I think it does a great job bringing together the type of mentality I like to encourage myself and my friends to have. I highly recommend that every person at every size stop and read it because it has a message that's always good to remember.

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